You get into your car and head out into the humdrum traffic you face every day on your way to work, and boom, another vehicle changes everything about your day. The last thing you remember is the song that was playing before the lights went out.
Facing traffic is such an everyday scenario for a lot of us that we take it for granted that one day will be the same as the next, seldom giving any thought to what could happen to change that all.
Emergencies happen, no warning, and pretending that they won’t happen to you is seriously digging your head into the sand!
It could happen out on the road, in the classroom, on a mountain, at the beach, in the office or anywhere else. Your blood or sugar levels could blow out of proportion while you walk down the street and down you go, out cold!
The fact is that what could happen, is that if you are unconscious and your life is placed in the hands of people who do not even know your name, or whether you have any medical condition that could complicate rescue efforts even further, you are adding further danger to your life when no one else is around to speak for you.
This is where ICE-TAGS South Africa really wants to be your voice and speak for you!
In an unconscious state you are unable to tell first responders and medical personnel that you are diabetic, or that you have a heart condition. You will also not be able to tell them whether you have any allergies that could compound the treatment of any injuries you have sustained, nor will you be able to tell them who to contact among your loved ones, so that they know what is happening.
Kids get lost, it happens to the very best of parents, one minute they’re there, the next they’re gone, and, as any parent will tell you, there is no feeling quite as terrifying as not knowing where your child has disappeared to.
Add to that the fact that your child may be diabetic, autistic or suffer with allergies of any kind, and you have a really scary situation to deal with. The good news is that with the emphasis that is placed on wearing emergency medical and contact information these days, all of these situations are a lot easier to deal with from a lifesaving point of view.
There really is no shortage of emergency ID products at ICE-TAGS, whether in the form of ID tags, allergy bracelets and bands, along with Dash Cams, making it clear that ICE-TAGS South Africa is a company passionately committed to the safety and security of all life and property in South Africa!
From allergy bracelets for kids to Ice-Cams Pro dash cam for motorbikes, ICE-TAGS has not missed a step in covering all the bases that allow us to be prepared for any emergency!
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking ‘It’ll never happen to me’, it could, which means that there is no better time than right now to look at what ICE-TAGS South Africa has in store to prepare you, your family or loved ones for circumstances beyond your control!
ICE-TAGS South Africa is also always willing to put their money where their mouth is by putting together great competitions on their website and ICE-TAGS Facebook page regularly, so join the family and win some great prizes. A great idea is to take the prize and give it to a loved one who is still resisting the necessity of wearing any form of emergency ID and medical information! Better yet, buy them a voucher from ICE-TAGS, they will have to use it sometime, especially if you nag them enough!

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