If your children don’t already have an I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Identification bracelet, or allergy bracelet if they have allergies even diabetes, then now is the time to do it as they head back to school! School supplies and uniforms are a time-consuming exercise for every parent, running from one supplier to the next to make sure they can tick all the right boxes to ensure the kids have everything they need to start the new year, but keeping them safe with ICE-TAGS is a breeze!

ICE-TAGS South Africa has made an entire range of ICE IDENTIFICATION bracelets and allergy bracelets for kids available online! It’s a simple case of selecting the ICE-TAGS bracelet online, following the payment steps, and before you know it, your kids will be covered!

It is impossible for child-carers or teachers to keep track of allergies children may have at all times, especially with classrooms that are filled to capacity, and, let’s face it, most kids are going to end up trying someone else’s sandwich or treat at break time at one time or another, and if your child is allergic to any of the ingredients, no one will know what to do, unless your child is wearing an allergy bracelet!

Many children are forced to use school or public transport to get home, and these are the periods in which our children are at their most vulnerable to going missing, whether by accident or as a result of being lured away, no matter how hard we try to instil in them the need to be aware of their surroundings and to avoid strangers, they are still innocent and unaware of the dangers that could face them should they get lost.

None of us want to think of the worst, but, the truth is that a frightening amount of children go missing every year in South Africa and you owe it to your child and to yourself to at the very least make sure that they are wearing some form of emergency identification.

If they do get lost, then at least strangers will be able to contact you and will know how to comfort your child until you are able to get there. We cannot afford to dig our heads in the sand, our kids are precious to us and deserve every bit of protection that we are able to offer them!

Playground accidents happen too, and, if your child has any medical condition that could cause further damage because your child is allergic to or needs certain medication, it is essential to make sure that all of that information is included on their ICE-TAGS allergy bracelet in order to safely treat any injuries caused by the accident or incident

If your child goes on school outings, whether it is to a museum or on adventure into nature, you are going to feel a lot better if you know that, should anything happen, your contact information, as well as any medical information, will be easy to find.

As you catch your breath after the run-around of getting the supplies and school uniforms sorted out, take the time out to visit ICE-TAGS to find the perfect ICE ID bracelet for kids or ICE-TAGS allergy bracelet for kids, it is going to be one of the best steps you can take towards protecting your children, especially when they are not safely tucked under your wing!

One last word, ICE-TAGS has also made sure that they have a range of ICE-TAGS for children with Epilepsy, Diabetes and for our extra-special angels who are Autistic, and if you aren’t sure about what would be best for your child, let the passionate, friendly team at ICE-TAGS South Africa share their experience with you to make the choice a lot easier!

ICE-TAGS (Medical Information ID Tags)
“Be Prepared, Save a Life!”™