762-MEDITIZER is an ICE-TAGS branded Product, powered by 762MED.  This product, like all our other Products, has undergone various tests and quality checks and has received the ICE-TAGS stamp of approval.

70% Alcohol based hand sanitizer in a Screw Top bottle.

Safety and Caution:

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, seek medical attention;

Please keep away from unsupervised children;

Irritating to eyes, on contact, rinse with fresh water;

Store away from food

Product is safe for using in the Food Industry

SABS Approved including Certification

Flammable – keep away from open flames

Instructions for use:

Spray product onto hands making sure that the entire skin surface is well coated

Active Ingredient:

Chlorhexadine Digluconate


None needed, used as is.

No rinsing off required.