ICE-CAMS (In Case of Emergency – Camera Accident Motorbike Surveillance)

The First and Original ICE-CAMS PRO to be introduced to the South African market is a unique 720P HD dual Camera lens waterproof “In Case of Emergency” Dashboard Camera specifically developed for Motorcycles and it is Always On.
Ever wondered “what if you had a Dashcam but for a Motorbike?” Our latest release of the ICE-CAMS PRO has specifically been developed and designed to be permanently installed on any type of Motorbike.

Included is the Super Intelligent Power Supply (Licensed to ICE-TAGS only) that will automatically allow Power through to the DVR as soon as it picks vibration up for longer than 1.5 seconds. The DVR starts recording as soon as the boot up cycle has been completed which only takes a few seconds. The special Software designed for ICE-TAGS (Licensed to ICE-TAGS only) allows no need for wiring into the Canbus Loom or even ACC of the ignition at all.
The DVR will continue to record even whilst idling at a Traffic Light. As soon as the Motorcycle has been switched off with no more vibration detected, the Power Supply disconnects the Power to the DVR whereby the DVR starts an immediate countdown of 30 seconds to complete the Shut Down process.

With this Intelligent way of allowing Battery Power to flow only when needed, it will prevent unwanted drained batteries when least expected.

ICE-CAMS PRO can save you an enormous amount of time and trouble (Legal Fees etc.) in an awkward situation. There are so many cases where innocent drivers proved their innocence by submitting actual footage of the incident.

The ICE-CAMS PRO comes with the following:

 2 ch synchronizing recording device (DVR)
 2 Cameras (1 for the Front and 1 for the Back)
 Dual 720P HD separated IP57 lens with low illumination
 Supporting 2.5-20 meters wire far-end lens hidden installation
 2.0’’ TFT screen with touch key
 Loop recording
 GPS tracker for specific Lat Long points (optional) (Places the Rider in exact Lat/Long on a Google Map)
 Built in flash light

The ICE-CAMS PRO main source of Power is from the Main battery of the Motorbike. ICE-CAMS PRO is equipped with a Polymer 250 mAh / 3.7V Battery to assist with the On / Off (Powering Down and Powering Up) sequence to prevent damage to the processor.

Connecting the Intelligent Power Supply directly to the Main Battery of the Motorbike.

LCD Screen Display 2.0” inches
CPU STK 2570
Camera Image sensor, Mp 0.3 mega-pixels CMOS
Camera Lens View angle 120 degrees wide angle
Video Resolution D1(720*480) / VGA(640*480) and HD (1280*720)
GPS Track Support (With the GPS Module)
Video Frame Rate 30fps
Collision G-Sensor Three-axis stereo collision detection
Microphone Built-in
Function Operation Touch key
Micro SD Card up to 32GB Class 10 minimum
2 Camera Channels
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Support Operating system Windows 2000/XP/Vista32/Windows 7, 10
Language English/ French/ Deutsch/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese / Chinese/ Russian/ Turkish/Korean/Japan
Video Format AVI (MPG)
Sound recording 1 Channel
Recording date and time stamp on the video Off /Date/Date & time
DVR Player Software
Operating Voltage DC 3.7~ 5V
Operating Current 450mAh-470mAh
Storage Temperature (°C) (-20°C-60°C)
Operating Temperature(°C) (0°C-60°C)
Operating Humidity(RH) 15%-60%RH
Battery capacity Polymer battery 250mAh / 3.7V
Excludes Memory Card.

Please note that the Owner’s Manual will be emailed once Payment has been processed. The ICE-CAMS Video Player will also be included if a GPS Module has been ordered.

Send your Installation and Riding Videos or Photos to which will be posted on site and receive a R100 Discount Voucher from ICE-TAGS.