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Not your normal thin sticker that will peel and fall off a day later! A Highly visible, durable, waterproof & robust ICE (In Case of Emergency) ICE-STICKER is here at last to STICK. Your crucial ICE Information is Dry Printed on this sticker which makes it close to impossible to rub or wipe off. The incredible sticky side of the sticker will ensure it stays in place for to speak on your behalf especially In Case of Emergencies. It measures approximately 40mm x 55mm x 0.65mm which makes it extremely versatile to be used for all applications such as: can be placed on Helmets, Inner name compartments of bags, suitcases or rucksacks, surfboards, motorbikes or vehicles, a child’s pencil case or on the back of your cell phone. You will receive two stickers with duplicate information on. To make this cost effective, add your ICE-Sticker to your existing order.


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