The Infant/Toddler Writable Silicone Bands can be used anywhere, anytime and for any occasion, whether it is for traveling, School/Crèche Outings or even going to Shopping Centres, it is vital for Emergency Identification Information in case your little one is lost or medically not able to communicate. Identification, contact, allergy or medical information can be written on the back of the band with a Permanent Marker. These bands are not adjustable as they are a solid band and can even be worn around the ankle. Medical Identification is extremely effective In Case of Emergency! Available in sizes 12cm and 14cm circumference. Sizes 15cm and 17cm are available under Writable ICE-BANDS. Colours – Blue, Pink and Red. The pack includes 2 bands and individual colours and sizes may be selected to make up your Twin-Pack. Ensure you measure your infant/toddler’s wrist or ankle before selecting sizes.