RESQTAP – is a vital new addition to our ICE-TAGS Brand.


Sample of RESQTAP once Tapped: Click Here

What is RESQTAP ? It is a NFC Band and all your Medical and contact information will be stored on an Active and Encrypted Database, loaded onto the RESQTAP Band before the Order gets dispatched. When needed in the event of an Emergency, the First Responder and/or Medical Personnel can simply Tap your RESQTAP Band on their Smart Phone (IOS/Apple and Android Compatible, with NFC enabled), to obtain all your information.

Once tapped, it will bring up an Internet Link which will open and connect the First Responder to your particular Profile on the database and display all the ICE-TAGS (In Case of Emergency) Information that you have loaded when placing the Order.

No Battery and no Maintenance required.

This is a NFC Band that comfortably fits around the wrist and is adjustable from 17cm to 21cm and is between 1.3cm and 1.8cm wide. (Sliders for the certain existing ICE-TAGS Bands, Watches etc Launching soon)

You may link as many RESQTAP Devices to your Profile as needed. (Parent / Manager could be the Profile User and in control of all the RESQTAP Devices linked to the specific Profile. Edit / Update and complete deletion is simply a click away. A Profile Picture may also be uploaded, updated or changed at any time from within the Profile. Should the RESQTAP Tag be lost, the User can delete the entire profile and all info with 1 click once logged in. This puts the Profile User in full control.

“Be Prepared, Save a Life!”™

No Engraving needed, your RESQTAP Order will be dispatched the following working day unless Ordered with Products that require Laser Engraving.