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RESQPETS Products offer a completely different yet unique way of saying to your Loving Animals…”We Love and Care about you”

If and when it happens where your Dog, Cat, Horse, Pig, Crocodile or which ever Animal you have as part as the Family, ever slips out of their controlled space, here is the answer.

RESQPETS is a small Tag (no batteries required) that clips on to a collar, bridle, strap etc., should the animal be found the RESQPETS Tag may be Tapped / Scanned with any Smartphone which will call up an Internet link. Once clicked on this Link, all the Contact Information of the wearer will be displayed. The Profile Owner has full control as to the Information available on this Profile. No need for the Animal to be taken to a Vet to be scanned for Information.

How to get a RESQPETS Product:

– Select your RESQPETS Product on this online site (Once off Payment per RESQPETS Product)
– Complete all the Information required

– No Subscription Fees applicable
– Complete the order
Follow the easy instructions you will receive via email and take full advantage of this
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