RESQTAP – is a vital new addition to our ICE-TAGS Brand.  It is a NFC Tag and all your Medical and contact information will be stored on an Active and Encrypted Database, loaded onto the RESQTAP Tag before it is dispatched to you.  When needed in the event of an Emergency, the First Responder and/or Medical Personnel can simply Tap your RESQTAP Tag on their Smart Phone (IOS/Apple and Android Compatible without the use of a third party application) to obtain all your information.  Once tapped, it will bring up a link which will open and connect the First Responder to your particular profile on the database and display all the ICE-TAGS information that you have loaded on to the RESQTAP Database.

This is an NFC Tag that you can attach to your bag, car keys, necklace, school bag etc.

RESQTAP a Division of ICE-TAGS is offering this Data Storage Service Free of Charge – No Monthly Fees – Giving back to the Community and to promote I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) Awareness

“Be Prepared, Save a Life!”™

No Engraving needed, your RESQTAP Order will be dispatched the following working day.

RESQTAP will be available for Cats and Dogs soon!