This Item has specially been made available for SA-SOS at a discounted rate. Please note other Products are also available here.

A Bonded Leather MediBand with a Single Curved Plate and 2 Jaw clasp. The Info Plate can take up to 6 lines of Emergency Identification Information which is Professionally Laser Engraved to the finest detail, and will not rub off or discolour ensuring durability in normal wearing circumstances. Medical Information is extremely effective In Case of Emergency!

You have the option of adding a Second ID Plate on the Cow-Leather Wristband, that has the Internationally Recognised Medical Logo engraved on or with more Emergency Identification Information on.

Please keep in mind that if you do choose a second Plate with the Medical Logo Engraved, no Emergency Identification Information can be added due to space restrictions.

As an optional extra, why not look at adding a unique badge that fits nicely over the Stylish Leather Mediband Band with 2 Jaw Clasp to add that extra factor to identify the wristband as a Medical Wristband – if you select the Medical Logo in Red (we are not able to guarantee that the red acrylic paint will remain intact under normal wear and tear circumstances, within reason) or Black. You also have the option of adding Text such as MEDICAL on the blank badge or should you wish to add a little something extra like an image of a Bicycle or Motorbike for the Adventurer or an image of something that it true and dear to you such as a Heart, Star or Dolphin for example.

The Bonded Leather Mediband only (excluding the 2 Jaw Clasp) is 23.5cm in length and is cut to size to fit the wearer. Available in Black and Brown. We do not recommend this wristband for anyone taking part in any water activities.