“Our Company Brand 762MED Saves Lives with ICE-TAGS believes in solutions that are simple, straight forward, well tested and that actually works.”

It is very wise to remember “Poor records mean poor defence, no records mean no defence” This relates directly to wearing an ICE-TAGS or not.

Putting “Medical Information Identification” Comfort back into South Africa with 762MED with ICE-TAGS (Medical Information Tags)

762MED SAVES LIVES with ICE-TAGS (The Largest In Case of Emergency Medical Information Tags Supplier in Africa)

Be assured, your ICE-TAGS will speak on your behalf when you are unable to and could SAVE your Life!

Be Prepared, Save a Life!”™

 “Putting your LIFE FIRST


Len Nieuwoudt the CEO, has been involved in the Security and Survival Industries since 1989, hence closely working with Medical Institutes and in Medical situations where Medical, Safety and Security incidents are often encountered.

Having experienced life threatening (Medical Survival) situations first-hand, a decision was made to ensure that Critical Medical information is immediately available to the first responders and or Medical personnel when the patient is unable to communicate such vital information (ICEIn Case of Emergency Identification)

The goal is to carry the much needed Critical Medical information on your person at all times, in such a way that it is comfortable and could easily be accessed by first responders (with or without Medical Experience) and or trained Medical personnel, to increase the survival advantage by 99% of the patient, as opposed to the patient having no means of communication nor Medical information available.

762MED with ICE-TAGS caters for all age groups regarding sizes, style designs, colours and applications. Not only do we put our stamp of approval on the outstanding Quality of all our Products, but they are Fashionable, Funky, Corporate, Feminine, Tough & Rough yet could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

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