When you look at the selection of emergency ID bracelets, allergy bracelets for kids, medical emergency necklaces and bands, as well as high tech safety and security gear offered by ICE-TAGS South Africa, it’s really hard to understand why there are still so many people who do not think it is important enough to look into!

Seriously, it’s a funky and exciting range of products aimed solely at saving lives and still looking good in the process, and it is really heartening to see how big the ICE-TAGS family has grown with its almost 18 000 Facebook likes, proving that this team is doing something right about creating awareness and preparing everyone, young to old, for emergency situations.

Let’s look at a few ways that will make it easier to get everyone on the same page in terms of wearing emergency ID bracelets, medical bracelets or allergy bands:

Babies and toddlers
Getting babies and toddlers to wear emergency ID bracelets or allergy bracelets is not all that difficult, after all, they are still too small to put up a fight about it, and, you can make it really fun for them by choosing bright colours! Of course, ICE-TAGS South Africa has put a lot of thought into making sure that emergency ID bracelets and tags are soft and comfy for these little ones to wear, or you would have a tough time with the littlest bundle of joy in your life!

If you think ICE-TAGS has gone to a lot of trouble to make wearing emergency ID bracelets easy to wear for babies and toddlers, they have outdone themselves with the range of allergy bracelets for kids and medical bracelets for kids in South Africa!
There is an allergy bracelet, pendant, band, dog tag and more that will suit the individual tastes of any kid, boy or girl! Rainbow colours and stainless steel pendants are really great choices for kids, they can enjoy the trinkets, while you enjoy peace of mind!

Ooh, this can be pretty tough territory if you are not well armed in advance. We all know what it’s like to be a ‘touchy’ teenager, and just how rebellious this age is; we all think we are indestructible at that stage in life! However, once again, the team at ICE-TAGS have made sure that it will be less of a battle to get your teen to wear life-saving emergency ID bracelets!
Teenage boys who are out and about on a busy schedule of sports and physical activities like skateboarding, surfing, mountain biking, or anything that requires a tougher form of emergency ID, will thoroughly enjoy the funky Torque Wear range of emergency medical ID bracelets!

Whether or not you have boys or girls, they should all be wearing some form of emergency ID, this is the time of life when they start exploring the boundaries between being a child and a young adult, and they will push limits we have learned to avoid, but the team at ICE-TAGS will do all they can to help you find the right emergency ID for any teenager, without having to battle it out with them!

The name actually says it all: ICE-TAGS= In Case of Emergency & Tactical All-round Gear Specialists, and they live up to that name!
Someday, when the life of someone you love and care about is saved simply because they were wearing emergency identification or emergency medical information, you will appreciate the passion that goes into everything the team at ICE-TAGS is willing to do to prepare everyone and save lives whenever possible.

ICE-TAGS (Medical Information ID Tags)
“Be Prepared, Save a Life!”™