What if a bus hits you and you were rushed to hospital, unconscious, without any emergency I.D.? With no information available about who to contact among your family and friends, you would be listed as a ‘Jane or John Doe’ (horrible thought!), and you could be lying in a coma or unconscious for days, unidentified and alone!

Giving medical personnel at the hospital valuable information by wearing an ICE I.D. band or bracelet will not only make sure that by the time you wake up, someone who loves you will be standing by your bedside, but will also empower doctors to take the appropriate measures to save your life based on the information on your emergency medical band.

Wearing an ICE I.D. Bracelet also means that your family and friends are not going to have to spend harrowing hours or even days calling all and sundry to try and track you down, so you owe it to them as much as to yourself to make sure you have all your ducks in a row for any emergency!

Carrying around a list of allergies, or information about a heart condition and diabetes in your wallet or bag is going to be useless in an emergency situation; no paramedic is going to be scrounging through your bag or wallet for information while frantically trying to save your life! The first thing they will look for is a medical bracelet or allergy bracelet, as well as your emergency contact details!

When someone with a heart condition or diabetes ends up in an emergency situation where they cannot speak for themselves, the chances of receiving the appropriate help from any passers-by able to call for paramedics and contact any next of kin could well mean a life and death difference – be kind and give everyone involved the chance to save your life by wearing your I.D. Bracelet!

We all ‘think’ about planning for an accident; the truth is, you can’t, it just happens, and it can happen to anyone of any age, which makes everything done by the passionate team at ICE-TAGS an invaluable gift towards saving your life, or the life of a loved one!

Don’t end up as a ‘Jane Doe’ or ‘John Doe’, you and your family deserve so much more, you are worth it and so are they! There is absolutely no excuse for not wearing an ICE Medical I.D.! Contact ICE-TAGS today and join them in their mission to save lives in South Africa!

ICE-TAGS (Medical Information ID Tags)
“Be Prepared, Save a Life!”™