ICE-TAGS Pets Woef Bone Tags Polished

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The Stainless Steel Polished (Also known as Marine or Surgical Stainless Steel -Grade 316- which is the highest grade of Stainless Steel) Woef Bone Tag allows up to Two (2) Lines of Emergency Identification Information on the front and the same on the back. Laser Engraving ensures durability in the harshest conditions and will not rub off or discolour. This Woef Bone Tag will speak on your Woef’s behalf, as only their owners can hear and understand them. Three Sizes are available, Small (30mm), Medium (40mm) and Big (47mm).

Don’t forget to add the RESQTAP PETS Tag.

It is a NFC Tag and all your Pets ICase of Emergency contact information will be stored on an Active and Encrypted Database, loaded onto the RESQTAP PETS Tag before the Order gets dispatched. When and if needed the RESQTAP PETS Tag can be Tapped on any Smart Phone (IOS/Apple and Android Compatible, with NFC enabled, without the use of a third party application) to obtain all the information of the Owner and the Pet. Once tapped, it will bring up an Internet Link which will open and connect to your particular Profile on the database and display all the RESQTAP PETS (ICase of Emergency) Information that you have loaded when placing the Order.

So there is no need to have the Pet scanned by any VET.

Find it here: Click Here

No Battery and no Maintenance required.


1 review for ICE-TAGS Pets Woef Bone Tags Polished

  1. Robyn (verified owner)

    Great disc for our dog – solid disc with a great thickness and weight! Thank you.

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