If so, then the ICE-CAMS PRO from ICE-TAGS is the motorbike camera for you! With impressive features that initiate from start-up to switch-off, you will be covered when it comes to trying to prove who the guilty party really is in any incident involving yourself and a motorist!

It’s a fact that most motor vehicle drivers are blissfully unaware of motorcyclists on the road, insulated in a cage of safety that doesn’t apply to the vulnerable situation a motorbike rider is in.
Many motorbike riders who commute daily are now starting to mount permanent motorbike cameras in South Africa, to protect themselves from liability due to inattentive drivers who forget what rear view and side view mirrors are for!

An Action Cam is great for capturing footage of adventures, however, they don’t come anywhere near offering the type of features the ICE-CAM PRO offers, such as:
● 2 Channel synchronising recording device
● 2 Cameras – 1 for the front & 1 for the back
● Dual 720P HD separated IP57 lens with low illumination
● Super-easy installation
● Permanent installation
● Splashproof
● Looping recording…and so much more!

Why more South African consumers are choosing motorbikes for the daily commute:
● Higher oil prices combined with a weaker Rand.
● 1% increase in VAT added to this.
● Petrol price increased by 82 cents to more than R16 per litre, which is the highest South Africans have ever paid for fuel in decades – and we’re talking July 2018 here! What’s to come is anybody’s guess!
● Far greater savings on fuel when commuting daily via motorbike as opposed to cars.

As a result of the increase of motorcyclists on South African roads, the behaviour of motorists is going to have to change pretty drastically in order to accommodate these changes for the sake of safety – theirs and those of motorcyclists!

The public transport system in our country is virtually non-existent and, in general terms, simply dangerous, so a lot of people are going to start leaving their cars at home and taking the bike to work!

Motorbikes are no longer simply meant for weekend rides and slow Sunday cruises, they are by far the future of transport in South Africa, and the sooner we get used to it, the better.

Until motorists become more aware and conscious of motorbikes on the road, anyone using a motorbike on the daily commute is going to be better prepared to prove, beyond a doubt, that there is visual, high density proof of liability.

The Motorcycle Safety Institute of South Africa states in its report on the 19th February 2018, that motorcycle annual accident statistics are beyond alarming!

In short, the report states that there were 641 motorbike crashes during 2017, broken down into 12 a week, resulting in 250 injuries and 166 fatalities! Those are frightening statistics in a country moving more and more towards motorbike transport!

Yes, motorcyclists are also responsible for accidents, no one is saying they are angels, however, when you ride a motorbike daily, wouldn’t you feel more protected from a legal standpoint by having the permanently installed, powerful backup of an ICE-CAM PRO along for the ride?

Speak to Len Nieuwoudt and his team at ICE-TAGS South Africa about just how easy it is to own and install the top dash cam for motorbikes in Cape Town!

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